Custom songs for life's most important milestones.

Welcome to Milestone Music

Life is marked by just a few important milestones along the way.
A wedding.  A new birth.  A significant anniversary.  An important graduation. 
A well-earned retirement.  The celebration and remembrance of a life well spent. 

Music is woven into so many of our important memories. 
It is such a powerful gift for remembering and celebrating life and love.  A great song has a way of reaching into our hearts and marking our journey in a way that nothing else can.

So when planning for a milestone in your life – or the life of someone you love – why not include the gift of music in a unique way with an original song?   
A one-of-a-kind creation that captures your story, your memories and your journey will only deepen the richness of your occasion and give it the significance you want it to have.

Singer/songwriter Monica Joy has been writing original music for the momentous occasions in others’ lives for over fifteen years.  Her gift has been described as “music that stirs and soothes the soul.”  Monica loves to hear peoples’ stories, dreams and memories, and is inspired to preserve them in unique lyrics and melodies, using piano or guitar and her sweet, stirring voice. 

A song that captures the moment – its importance and emotions – is a distinctive gift that will be cherished for a lifetime.